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- Hi everyone, this is a cleaner version i recorded of my DMC scratch category routine. Some of you guys know the story behind my submission so if you have missed it here it is.

I stopped scratching in 2013 but still competed one last time in 2014 at the B4B world cup. After that, scratching wasn't for me anymore even tho i had small sessions here and here with friends i didn't want to continue to practice and sold my setup-

So when i qualified myself for this round i was like "shit now i need to get a setup and send some more decent video than my elims" so i asked 4 different people to get everything i needed to record my video in time. I did all the production, tests and recording in 1.5 days after many years without creating a single routine. I am pretty happy how it came out i'll take that anyways despite the final results which i knew from the beginning thati will not place well.

For some unknown reason every time i upload the video here there is some slight timing issues on a few clips. it's the very first time i encounter this and i tried multiple things so sorry in advance for this. I also didn't sync well a few clips. anyway.

Thanks to:
- My sister for her usb cable ahah
- Dj Klin for his PDX 2000
- Dj Kill for his needle, slipmat and disponibility
- Julien for his S9
- Dj Alroy for his vinyl (yeah i only could get a 7" vinyl in the spare time) lol

Music i used and edited for the routine:
Crypto feat. Constance - Faded
Juelz - Exile
DMC Battle

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