Astrophotography Made Easy - Part 3: Setup


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In this video I show my full setup process for deep space astrophotography. The basic workflow is - Find a suitable shooting location, find Polaris, do a Polar Alignment, attach camera gear, balance your equipment and counterweights, re-do Polar Alignment, find the object, focus the lens, dial in camera settings, begin shooting.

2020 Counterweight Balancing video:

For more information on setting up your star tracker, be sure to check out my full-length courses. These go into a lot more detail than I can in this single video. I'll cover different workflows you can use, depending on your skill level, and how to take your star tracker to the next level using an auto-guider.

00:00 - Intro
00:35 - Find Shooting Location
03:39 - Polar Scope FAQ
06:16 - Polar Alignment
14:47 - Balance Counterweight
21:27 - Double-Check Polar Alignment
23:06 - Finding your Object
30:19 - Camera Settings
36:25 - Recap

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