Breaking down one of the BEST DJ TRANSITIONS of 2019!


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This is one of the best DJ transitions of 2019 that I’ve heard so far, and today we’re gonna break this routine down, so you guys can do it too on any DJ controller!

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Anyway the first thing James does is play One More time by Daft Punk. As that song goes on, James, readies his second track “Losing it”, by cueing the beginning of its build up section which I’ve marked as Cue Point A, then turning it’s filter knob to the 7 o clock position, then activating an echo effect on it, at about the 9 o clock position, then finally bringing it’s volume fader all the way up.

Now, once One More time reaches it’s 32nd beat on it’s chorus (which I’ve marked as Cue Point B), it’s time then to get ready to make a 4 beat loop at this section here which I’ve marked as Cue Point C. This is the “Yeah” sample that we’re going to heavily manipulate.

So once we get to that section, it’ll be time then to make a 2 beat loop on that sample.

So now that we got that loop going, it’s time then to rapidly press the cue button on “Losing it”

And as we do that, at the same time, we’re going to gradually bring its Filter knob to the 9 o clock position.

And once we reach that position we’re going to press play on the track. Keep in mind that the echo effect is already activated at the 7 o’clock position.

Now as the song plays, we’re going to gradually bring “Losing its” filter knob to the 10 o clock position, and at the same time gradually increase it’s echo effect.

And we do all this increasing for about 16 beats, or until we reach cue point B, on the “losing it” track

Now once we reach that position, it’ll be time then to half our yeah sample from 2 beats to 1.


So for another 16 beats or until we reach cue Point C on Losing it, we’re going to crank the filter knob to the 12 o clock position, and its echo effect around the 10 o clock position.

And once we reach Cue Point C, we’re going to half our yeah sample again from 1 beat to 1/2, and then, we’re going to deactivate the echo effect going on on “losing it”, and activate an echo effect on the yeah sample with the same parameters we used on “losing it”.

Now, as the energy builds, make sure to keep your cool, because the next few steps are gonna be really quick.

So once we pass 8 beats on losing it, or once we reach cue point D on that track. We’re going to then half the yeah sample from 1/2 to 1/4.

And now we proceed to the part where we go crazy on the yeah sample.

So once we pass 4 beats, we’re going to turn the filter knob on the yeah sample to the 3 o’clock position, then back to the 12 o clock position.

And after another 4 beats or once we reach Cue Point E, that’ll be the part where we rhythmically play around with the volume fader of the yeah sample till we reach Cue Point F.

So that’ll be about 8 beats of volume fader moving from Cue Point E to F.

So once you reach this position which is Cue Point F, it’ll be time then, to rapidly press the play/pause button on the yeah sample for about 7 beats, then once we reach the 8th beat, do a quick back spin on the yeah sample to replicate the noise effect James did.

See what happens behind the scenes:
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