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LET’S GO AWAY and look into the complete history of EVERYONE’S favourite arcade racer DAYTONA USA | For your chance to win a Tesla Model S Plaid and support a great cause, enter at ⬇️SOCIALS BELOW⬇️

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The Daytona franchise is one of the most beloved arcade racers ever created. Released back in 1994, certain parts of SEGA were not sure about how successful this NASCAR themed racer would be… but as we all know the end result was nothing but perfection!
But how did it come to be? Well, in this episode of The Complete History we start at the tail end of Virtua Racing on SEGA’s model 1 board and discover the origin and inspiration on changing up the formula 1 style into a stock car racing “simulation” game
But of course, the story of Daytona doesn’t end in the arcades, you got the rivalry between Sony Playstation and Ridge Racer, you got the crazy amounts of Sega Saturn Ports such as Circuit Edition, Deluxe, Championship USA, The Dreamcast Port, The R-zone port and even the 360 and PS3 ports too.
You got the sequel Daytona USA 2 Power edition AND Battle on the edge as well, but before that you had SCUD RACE and SCUD RACE +
Daytona 3 came out next (which was very odd) as well as plenty of other small nods such as SEGA RACING CLASSIC and a crazy amount of DLC in games such as Ridge Racer, Sonic and sega all stars transformed, fighters megamix and outrun 2

We got a lot to get through on this one so as they say in the arcades… LADIES AND GENTLEMEN START YOUR ENGINES!
Huge thanks to AKA TIMO84 for providing me footage of the R-ZONE game… check him out here…
For a full list of the assets used in this video click here…
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