Registered members can POST VIDEOS from any video sites:    

Youtube, Google, DailyMotion, Metacafe, Veoh, Vimeo, Yahoo, Megavideo, PhotoBucket, ...   and any streaming video that can be embedded.


First you must be registered on the website : Register/Login with Facebookor
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Then you can try it now!! Click the url below.    Post your videos !


  1. Here is the screenshot of the suggestion form
  2. Once you enter a valid link, it will automatically fetch data and other more submission criteria appears
  3. Select a category, edit description and add tags.
  4. SUBMIT ! 



Each video has all info regarding it, a commenting and rating system.

There is an extensive tag system and categories for exploring videos of your taste easily.  

The site is deeply integrated with facebook and twitter and hence you can login and comment or suggest videos using their social networking accounts. All videos can generate embed code for sharing in other sites.

The videos can be further added to your own playlists as well as bookmarked on various link sharing sites.

All registered users can suggest videos and will appear in the website !