Spit Gemz - Mixtape (feat. Action Bronson, Shaz Illyork, Starvin B, DJ Brans, Wes & Nutso)


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I am just a big fan of Hip-Hop and I run this channel out of passion. I don´t make any money with this channel. It's simply impossible to monetize other people's art on YouTube because of the YouTube creator guidelines. It's YouTube that places the ads and commercials, not me. So please don't listen over your cell phone and use an adblocker. If you are an artist and you disagree with me uploading your music please send me an e-mail and I will delete the upload. No need to strike this channel. I am just a big fan of your music. [email protected]

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1. DJ Brans - Megatron Mindstate (feat. Spit Gemz & Shaz Illyork) 0:00
2. Shaz Illyork - Last Anti Hero 2:31
3. Spit Gemz - New Scar 5:16
4. DJ JS-1 - Forgotten (feat. Spit Gemz, Wes & Nutso) 8:31
5. Spit Gemz - Bazooka Pimp (feat. Tragedy Khadafi) 12:19
6. Starvin B - Everybody Shinin' (feat. Shaz Illyork & Spit Gemz) 15:23
7. DJ Brans - All The Time (feat. Spit Gemz & Shaz Illyork) 18:10
8. Spit Gemz - Bury My Soul (feat. G.S. Advance & Tek Bully) 20:57
9. Starvin B - Fresh Rhymes Daily (feat. Spit Gemz) 25:09
10. Ice Rocks (feat Calamity Chris, Spit Gemz, SicWitDaPen) - 3 eyes closed 27:44
11. Spit Gemz & Gorilla Nems - Jungle Gym (feat. Gorilla Nems) 31:29
12. Spit Gemz - HighLight Reel 34:24
13. Action Bronson - Mystic Moves (feat. Spit Gemz, Shaz Illyork & Timeless Truth) 36:59
14. Spit Gemz - The God Who Forgot Himself 41:35
15. Spit Gemz - Tell Tale (feat. Spent D'Nero) 43:44
16. Spit Gemz - Crossfire (feat. Mitchell Aimss) 47:34
17. Spit Gemz - Deep Cover Freestyle 50:07

Brooklyn/Queens representative Spit Gemz is Hip-Hop in its purest, most uncut form. A genuine raw talent, he is a loyal believer in the credo "lyrics are everything". A self proclaimed opposer of anything "watered down or sugar coated", he prides himself on his intricate wordplay/flow and the relevant substance of his music. Spit Gemz is from a time in Hip-Hop when "not only did you have to have a dope flow, but you had to be saying something as well".
Freestyle Routine

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