The Unceasing Nature Of Life - This is Your Moment podcast: Sustainable Edition with Linda Loewen


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Once again, here at This is Your Moment podcast, we are staying true to our roots of honest, in-the-moment communication style by welcoming friends and experts who openly share their essence whilst offering a host of deep learning opportunities through easy flowing conversations. So, with great joy, I’m fortunate to welcome the abundantly creative Linda Loewen to be our featured guest. Linda is a spirited storyteller, an author, a fellow content maker, musician, and a travel agent with a difference. She is passionate about inspiring a more sustainable way of living for our own and future generations, and she created a thought-provoking series Four Minute Friday right here on YouTube. Linda makes full use of her talents and intuition in her work and in her life.

Have you ever asked yourself how some people’s natural rhythm and zest for life draw you to them and you are instantly feeling at ease whilst others leave you somewhat bewildered? Well, you are in for a huge treat, friends! Linda melodically finds her way through the rich tapestry of her own life stories to answer thoughtfully and offer inspiration for the listener. You are invited to join us by embracing this free-flowing connection and learn from the many gems waiting for you along the way.

Please join me in welcoming the smooth and charming Linda Loewen!

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