Vinyl Fantasy Ep 4: Trapezoid (Boom Bap Beats on the MPC-1000)


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In this video, I demonstrate boom bap beats on the MPC-1000 by sampling classic albums from Livingston Taylor and the band Trapezoid. If you're interested in making boom bap beats on the MPC-1000, then this video should be a great resource for anyone interested in producing hip hop on the mpc-1000. My love for making boom bap beats on the MPC-1000 is evident in this video. Lo fi beats on the mpc 1000 are incredibly fun to make, and it shows in this demonstration. Classic hip hop music on the mpc1000 is my favorite style to produce because that's the style I feel in my soul and constructing boom bap hip hop music mpc style is the fastest way I've found to build a beat. In this video I also show you in an amusing way how to write lofi beats mpc-1000 style as well. How to make lo fi boom bap music is something that more and more people are becoming interested in, which is why I decided to record this video. It's my hope that making lofi song on mpc 1000 is something I can help my viewers discover. When I first began making beats, sample based music production mpc1000 was strictly a fantasy for me because I didn't even know how too make beats mpc 1000 style.
Also, I will be demonstrating how to make a hip hop remix using the Akai MPC 1000. I demonstrate making a hip hop drum beat, and also how to chop and slice samples on the Akai MPC 1000. If you've ever been interesting in learning how to make a hip hop remix, this will show you my process. By learning how to make a hip hop remix, you can discover how DIY hip hop music is easy and exciting. At first glance making hip hop beats for beginners can seem daunting, but after watching this video you'll see how making your own hip hop music on the Akai MPC is relatively simple to get started. DIY hip hop instrumentals are my passion. I have been making hip hop remixes for over 10 years using all different types of equipment other than the Akai MPC 1000. I first began my beat making journey by being interested in how to make a 90's hip hop beat, and you can definitely hear the influence it has had on me in this video. I hope that by showing you how to make a hip hop beat, and by demonstrating how to make a hip hop remix, you will begin to explore it yourself as a great way to be creative using old records and other vinyl samples. DIY hip hop instrumentals are really fun to make. All of my ideas come from how to make hip hop beats when I'm listening to other music. I always wonder if I can chop up a sample and make a hip hop remix with my own flavor. Making hip hop beats for beginners and experts alike is a lifelong passion that I'm grateful I've found. By showing you DIY hip hop music using vinyl and the akai MPC 1000, you can see how much I love beat making. If you've ever been interested in learning more about DIY hip hop instrumentals, this will give you some ideas on how I go about making my own hip hop music. There are a lot of hip hop tutorials on YouTube, but this is different because I walk you through my process of basic hip hop beat making on the akai mpc 1000. The akai mpc 1000 beat maker is smaller and cheaper than larger samplers, but it's still got a great sound, and the capability it provides me for making my own hip hop music is incredible! It's my hope that this series will help show people who are passionate about the hip hop artform, that they don't have to buy beats, but can get beats for free with DIY hip hop music. You can make your own hip hop music!

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